Becoming a member of a club or organization holds numerous benefits, the most obvious being that you can make new friends! Some find meeting new people can be difficult, however when you have a commonality such as an interest in anime or an academic program, you begin lifelong friendships. As a recognized student organization, you have access to campus facilities (at no cost) and funds from student activity fees.

For more information on a specific organization or meeting time, see the list below. To join, please email the advisor listed. For events please refer to the GTCC Student Life Calendar (also available on the GTCC app).

Starting a Club or Organization

If you have an interest not represented by a club or organization listed below, you can start a new one! To start a club or organization at GTCC, please complete these three requirements:

  1. Five (5) currently enrolled curriculum students as members
  2. A full-time faculty or staff to serve as an advisor
  3. A club constitution (a link to a sample constitution is below)

Once you have the three requirements, please contact the Student Life Office for appropriate paperwork that needs to be completed. Keep in mind that we will not approve clubs that are similar to currently existing organizations.

Sample Constitution 

Club Forms

Below are links to forms you may need for various club activities.

Meeting Schedule

Current GTCC Clubs and Organizations

Welcome to Active Minds!

A club that empowers students to change the conversation about mental health and suicide prevention. The club raises awareness, shares resources and inspires action. The club helps to build a stronger campus community.

Jessica McKoy
336-334-4822 Ext. 50272

The purpose of this club is to give graphic design majors at GTCC an opportunity to group together and grow creatively with each other, as well as working with AIGA Triad NC to meet with professionals in our industry and community.

Michael Lawson
336-334-4822 Ext. 50322

Welcome to GTCC Alpha Eta Rho!

Alpha Eta Rho is a collegiate fraternity founded to bring together those students having a common interest in the field of aviation. Alpha Eta Rho are Greek letters which stand for “air”.

Brian Johnson
336-334-4822 Ext. 59045

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Welcome to Ambassadors for Christ!

Ambassadors for Christ is open to any and all students regardless of religion, denomination, race, color, or creed, who are interested in participating in Christian fellowship and Bible study. The activities, Christian-based and Biblically oriented will provide help, comfort, support, fellowship, love and friendship. Activities will include but will not be limited to guest presenters, multimedia exposures, outside fellowship and visitations.

Kim Jordan
336-334-4822 Ext. 50294

Welcome to the American Dental Hygienist Association!

The objectives of this organization shall be:

  • to cultivate, promote, and sustain the art and science of dental hygiene,
  • to represent and safeguard the common interest of the members of the dental hygiene profession,
  • to contribute toward the improvement of the health of the public,
  • and to gain an understanding of the workings of the parent associations: ADHA and NCDHA.

Jennifer Fulk
336-334-4822 Ext. 50213

Welcome to GTCC Anime Club!

Our purpose is to immerse members in a culturally rich atmosphere through community interaction with local native speakers, volunteering, and studying the Japanese modern and traditional cultural through Japanese media.

William Bailey
336-334-4822 Ext. 50570

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Art Club is dedicated to the promotion of art at GTCC and the surrounding area. The intent is for the club members to work together, to facilitate art related networking, and to promote a strong art community.

Patricia Drummond
336-334-4822 Ext: 50481

Welcome to Biology Club!

The purpose of the Biology Club is to engage people of all backgrounds in the importance and fun of biology by exploring the richness of life around the Greensboro area.


Welcome to the Black Student Union Club!

The purpose of the Black Student Union at GTCC is to provide social, emotion, professional, and academic enrichment for minority students on campus.

Jamestown Campus Advisor:
Tiffany Overby
336-334-4822 Ext. 50408

The purpose of the GTCC Book Club is: 

  • To move members OUTSIDE of their reading comfort zone.
  • To promote discussion and analysis of various genres. 
  • To inspire active reading strategies.
  • To connect with a diverse group of individuals from across the college. 
  • To appreciate other’s opinions and interpretations of the world. 

Noreen Hannon 
336-334-4822 Ext. 50744

Welcome to the College Transfer Club!

The College Transfer Club is a club for students who intend to pursue a Bachelor’s degree at a 4-year college or university after graduating or transferring from GTCC.

Academic advisors assist students in making the transition from GTCC to 4-year institutions. We discuss transfer-related issues among ourselves, benefiting from combined knowledge, research and experiences from diverse backgrounds. We go on trips to 4-year institutions, participate in community service projects, and engage in social activities on campus.

Aletta Smith
336-334-4822 Ext. 50536

Welcome to the Communication Club!

The Communication Club will empower students to work together to build relationships, help the community, and strengthen strong communication skills that are prized in both professional and personal situations.

Suzanne Johnson-Simpson
336-334-4822 Ext. 50404

Welcome to the Computer Networking Club!

The purpose of this organization is to create a commonplace where students interested in computer networking can study together to pursue industry certifications, provide the opportunity to socially network within the industry, and learn by attending related events.

Kory Knowles
336-334-4822 Ext: 50022

Welcome to GTCC Creative Writing Club!

The Creative Writing Club is a forum for writers to both create and receive feedback on their writing.

Rebecca Preston
336-334-4822 Ext. 50745

Zacary Goldstein
336-334-4822 Ext. 50134

Brian Barbour
336-334-4822 Ext. 50639

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Our purpose is to teach/improve the crochet and knitting skills of members in a service-learning atmosphere to cultivate and promote community-based service through needlecraft.

Terri Scalf
336-334-4822 Ext. 50638

TammyJo Hurd
336-334-4822 Ext.50071

Welcome to the Dental Assisting Club!

The Dental Assisting Club has been formed to cultivate, promote, and sustain the dental assisting profession. We want to represent and safeguard the common interests of the members of the dental assisting field and to contribute toward improving public health.

Nita Little 
336-334-4822 Ext. 50186

Welcome to Drama Club!

The mission of Drama Club is to promote knowledge of theater practices through involvement in various activities, events, and performances. We seek to involve the entire GTCC community in immersion and enjoyment of various forms of theater art, used both for entertainment and for education. 

Julya Mirro
336-334-4822 Ext. 50299

Welcome to GTCC Early Childhood Education Club!  

The purpose of the Early Childhood Club is to promote the interest in education and care of young children.


Kimberly Terry
336-334-4822 Ext. 50438

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Welcome to the Emergency Medical Science Student Association!

Since 1978, the EMS Student Association has encouraged the professional, social, and interpersonal development of Emergency Medical Science students while providing service to the college and surrounding community. The EMS Student Association gives members an opportunity to participate in service learning and SGA-sponsored on-campus activities. Past activities have included first aid team support of the NC Special Olympics, assistance with fund-raising events of local fire departments, and logistical support of the North Carolina Paramedic Competition and NC Health Occupation Students’ Association (HOSA) EMT competition. Future planned activities include fielding a team to compete in the National SkillsUSA competition.

Robert Griffin
336-334-4822 Ext. 50456

Welcome to Environmental Awareness Club!

The purpose of this club shall be to promote awareness of environmental issues and concerns, to further an appreciation of the natural world and our relationship to it, and to pursue activities and projects that protect and support both nature and the environment.

Tom Riddle
336-334-4822 Ext. 50455

Welcome to Esports Club!

The purpose of this organization is to give those interested in esports or gaming, in general, a location to interact with one another and an opportunity to hone their abilities by playing games and strategizing. Members can use Discord to connect.

To sign up, please complete the information form.

Tu Nguyen
336-334-4822, ext. 50812

Welcome to the Flight Team Club!

The GTCC Flight Team, or more simply, “The G-Tech Flyers,” compete at the annual National and Regional Safety and Flight Evaluation Conferences (SAFECON) of the National Intercollegiate Flying Association (NIFA) in precision flying and knowledge events. The team also volunteers for community and campus projects, and helps contribute to the safety and quality of aviation in our area. Any student attending GTCC can join the Flight Team. There is no minimum flight time, experience, or rating requirements to become a member of the team (however, some events do have specific requirements).

Audrey Floyd
336-334-4822, ext. 59010

GTCC Flight Team Website

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Welcome to the GTCC Food Truck Club!

The purpose of the GTCC Food Truck club is to educate all students in the Food Truck/Mobile Catering and Culinary programs, and on campus about the exciting opportunities of operating a Food Truck, as well promoting all programs on all campus, community service work on special events, and fundraising to provide for needy students.

L J Rush
336-334-4822 Ext. 50468

Welcome to the Geology Club!

The purpose of this organization is to enhance the academic knowledge of each member in the Geology field and to come together to share a common interest in Geology.

Alan Hart
336-334-4822 Ext. 50644

Welcome to Global Friends Club!

We are a club in support of the NC Global Scholars of Distinction Program at GTCC. The Global Scholars program is for students interested in learning about and interacting with cultures from around the world. We are especially dedicated to recruitment of new students for the Global Scholars program, fundraising for students in the program, and sponsoring events for the program. This club supports members of the Global Scholars program, but it is open to all students interested in learning about other cultures.


Lindley Swift
(336) 334-4822, ext. 53100

Tiffany Overby
(336) 334-4822, ext. 50408

Welcome to the Healthcare & Office Administration Club!

The purpose of the HOA Club is to promote career awareness of healthcare and office administration; to provide opportunities for professional development, community service, and networking; and to cooperate, work with, and obtain recognition from professional organizations, while improving and maintaining high standards. The club engages in activities such as professional guest speakers, service projects, fundraisers, and field trips.

Kim Jordan
336-334-4822 Ext. 50294

Welcome to Helping Hands!

The purpose of our club is to aid our community by participating in various service projects.

William Hannon
336-334-4822 Ext:55076

Welcome to the GTCC History Club!

The History Club exists to promote a deeper understanding of History; demonstrate the relevance of History to events of modern times; and help change attitudes and misconceptions about History. The club plans and organizes lectures, trips and other events.


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Welcome to the Hospitality Club!

The Hospitality Club provides Culinary and Hotel/Restaurant Management students with the practice for culinary competitions, assists with the planning of ACF and IFSEA functions, and attends hospitality related field trips, conferences and social events.

Thomas Lantz
336-334-4822 Ext. 50321

Welcome to the Human Services Club!

GTCC's Human Services club will provide students with the opportunity to share a common interest in Human Service related careers, and gain knowledge and insight into professional needs in NC through the affiliation with professional organizations, and agencies.

Dr. Natoya Jackson
336-334-4822 Ext. 55053

To increase knowledge and interest in the practical application in the field of Heating, Ventilation, Air Condition, Refrigeration and Plumbing Technologies.

William Sizemore
336-334-4822 Ext: 53051

Welcome to the GTCC International Student Association (ISA)!

The International Student Association provides an opportunity for all students to increase their knowledge and appreciation of different cultures, customs, and traditions through special events, activities and field trips. Some of the events include International Coffee Hour, weekly cultural exploration, diversity, and community involvement. In addition, the ISA offers the international students a chance to experience American culture.

Carmem Cavalcanti De Melo
336-334-4822 Ext. 50076

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Explore the local history of jazz music; including individuals such as John Coltrane. Enrich student life with the appreciation of jazz as well as Faculty and Staff.

Seth Bartee
336-334-4822 Ext: 50542

Welcome to the LEX (Honor Society in Paralegal and Legal Studies)!

The purpose of this organization shall be to increase the awareness of the paralegal profession, to promote academic and personal excellence among our members, to promote community involvement, to allow students to develop professional contacts, to practice being zealous advocates for affairs, and to provide a supportive atmosphere for students.

Pamela Hollern
336-334-4822 Ext. 53077

Welcome to the GTCC Model United Nations Club!

The purpose of the Model UN Club is to promote knowledge on international issues and organizations such as the UN.  Additionally the club will serve as an organization that will compete at college-level events against other collegiate institutions at various academic model conferences.

Thomas Riddle
(336) 334-4822, ext. 50455

Lindley Swift
(336) 334-4822, ext. 53100

Welcome to We Are Nephilim: Praise and Worship Ensemble!

As a musical ensemble, we seek to emulate the light of the Gospel message of Jesus Christ to our audience, as well as to be an example of the community it offers through musical worship and fellowship with our fellow students.

Ron Barrans

Welcome to the Paralegal Association!

The purpose of this organization shall be to increase the awareness of the paralegal profession, to promote academic and personal excellence among our members, to promote community involvement, to allow students to develop professional contacts, to practice being zealous advocates for affairs, and to provide a supportive atmosphere for students.

Pamela Hollern
336-334-4822 Ext. 53077

Welcome to the GTCC Pharmacy Tech Club!

The purpose of the Pharmacy Technology Club is to promote the field of pharmacy technology as a career. The club promotes the personal and professional development of its members. The club also provides opportunities for its members to be involved in community activities.

Tonya Welch
336-334-4822 Ext. 55079

Welcome to the GTCC Phi Theta Kappa Club!

Phi Theta Kappa is the official honor society for two year colleges. The mission is to recognize academic achievement of college students and to provide opportunities for growth as scholars and leaders. Alpha Pi Alpha, a subsidiary chapter of Phi Theta Kappa, was charted at GTCC in 1988. Membership is open to student that meet the following criteria:

  • Complete 12 credit hours at GTCC toward an associate’s degree
  • Complete ENG 111 with a C or higher
  • Earn 3.5 GPA or higher

Monica Young
(336) 334-4822, ext. 50587

Nicholas Zavediuk
(336) 334-4822, ext. 53082

Karen Pentz
(336) 334-4822, ext. 50376

Scott Ilkenhons
(336) 334-4822, ext. 50430

Sheila Blower
(336) 334-4822, ext. 50474

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Welcome to GTCC Photography Club!

The club provides GTCC students an opportunity to group together and grow creatively as they explore photography in its various formats. Working with area artists and professionals, GTCC Photography Club members will have opportunities to interact with both community members and professionals to explore photography.


Michael Lawson
(336) 334-4822, ext. 50322

Todd Turner
(336) 334-4822, ext. 50166

Welcome to the GTCC Physical Therapist Assistant Club (PTA)!

The PTA Club promotes the Physical Therapist Assistant profession. We also participate in community service projects, fundraisers, and classroom activities.

Joey Jeffers
336-334-4822 Ext. 50280

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Welcome to the GTCC Political Science Club!

The purpose of the Political Science Club is to promote political awareness, to increase the involvement of students in politics from the local to the international level, promote leadership, to provide professional and educational opportunities to students interested in politics, and to improve campus life.

Seth Bartee
336-334-4822 Ext. 50542

Welcome to Pottery Club!

In Pottery Club, we get hands-on by learning to make all kinds of pottery. We share interests in learning new techniques and learning about historical and contemporary artists working in clay. The pottery club is a place where the whole GTCC community can come to geek out on anything pottery, making, and collecting.


Gaines Bailey
(336) 334-4822, ext. 50570

Welcome to the GTCC Quiz Bowl!
The Guilford Technical Community College Quiz Bowl Tournaments Club shall exist to engage in trivia gaming in preparation for creating both intramural and intercollegiate competition Quiz Bowl Tournament teams. Goals shall include a desire and willingness to demonstrate academic gaming relevance to academic achievement; change attitudes and misconceptions about trivia gaming; plan and organize tournaments and other events, travel to competitions, and develop ideas that seek to fulfill these objectives while providing Guilford Technical Community College students with a richer student life.
Jefferson Fortner
336-334-4822 Ext. 50514

Welcome to the Radiography Club!

 The purpose of this club is to serve as a vehicle to discuss topics related to radiologic technology and the field of medicine. Also, the club is needed in order to participate in fundraisers to pay for pinning ceremony, attendance to a registry review meeting and attendance to the NCRST, Inc. annual conference. The participation in these professional meetings will enhance the students’ professional development.

Lauren Boyles
336-334-4822 Ext. 50741

Welcome to the GTCC Rotaract Club!

The purpose of Rotaract is to provide an opportunity for young men and women to enhance the knowledge and skills that will assist them in personal development to address the physical and social needs of their communities and to promote better relations between all people worldwide through a framework of friendship and service.

Linda Whitlow
336-334-4822 Ext. 50562

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Welcome to the GTCC Sexuality and Gender Alliance Club!

Sexuality and Gender Alliance (SAGA) fosters an inclusive community at Guilford Tech for all people regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression, by creating a system of support for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender (GLBT) people and their allies.

Ernest Lawson
336-334-4822 Ext. 50323

Welcome to SHEAR Beauty Club!

SHEAR Beauty attends seminars, hair shows, and guest speaker events throughout the year for the advancement of ever-changing techniques and updated industry information. The club will be volunteering at several community group events. Monday through Friday of each week, the club serves the senior citizens of the community by offering services at a discounted price. The club also offers GTCC faculty, staff, and students free and discounted services. Club members will participate in annual hair, nail, and makeup competitions.

LaTia Hairston
336-334-4822 Ext. 50111

Welcome to the GTCC Spanish Club!

The purpose of the Spanish Club is to enrich students’ and the community’s knowledge of the Spanish language, Hispanic history, and the many Spanish-speaking cultures in the United States and the world.

Bill Raines
336-334-4822 Ext. 50441 

Denise Egidio
336-334-4822 Ext. 50167

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Welcome to the GTCC Stellar Society!

The Stellar Society exists to promote a deeper understanding of Astronomy; demonstrate Astronomy’s origins in, and relevance to, world civilizations, both ancient and modern; help change attitudes and misconceptions about Astronomy; plan and organize lectures; trips and events, etc., that seek to fulfill these objectives; support the Cline Observatory and provide GTCC with a richer student life.

Tom English
336-334-4822 Ext. 50023

Welcome to the Student Association of Medical Assistants!

Student Association of Medical Assistants provides leadership and enrichment for students in the medical assisting program.

Melinda Wray
336-334-4822 Ext. 50428

Welcome to the GTCC Student Government Association (SGA)!

The purpose of the Student Government Association is to promote the college by representing the student body’s interests, needs, and concerns by keeping students informed of issues that affect them. Through partnerships with faculty, staff, and students, the SGA provides activities that display diversity, education and entertainment. Learn more about the SGA. 

Berri Cross
336-334-4822 Ext. 50124

Welcome to GTCC Student Nurses Association!

The Student Nurses Association works to provide opportunities for the personal, intellectual, professional, and social growth of its members. Much of this is incorporated into health information and services that are provided to the campus and community. Each nursing student is encouraged to cultivate leadership skills within the SNA and through membership in the National Student Nurses' Association.

Barbara Tornblom 
336-334-4822, ext.50035

Welcome to GTCC Student Veterans Association!

Our purpose is to provide GTCC’s Veterans, their dependents, and civilians with a community-like a place to go when looking for scholarships, study groups, information concerning the military, and friendships. SVA will be a support group for Veterans that are dealing with readjusting to civilian life after a deployment. SVA is also here for spousal support of deployed or returned Veterans. SVA is a source of information for all branches of the military and as well as for VA benefits. SVA offers its members opportunities to volunteer and participate in non-profit organizations that help to strengthen our surrounding communities and ourselves.

Adam Lehman
336-334-4822, ext. 50631

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Welcome to Titan Recovery Club!

We are the GTCC chapter of Collegiate Recovery. Our purpose is in accordance with the Collegiate Recovery Mission Statement: “Change the trajectory of recovering students’ lives by connecting, developing, and sustaining collegiate recovery through collaboration, guidance, and expertise.” Titan Recovery provides a place for students living in recovery or who have been affected by substance abuse, thus fulfilling GTCC’s mission statement to provide for our diverse community. Our Chapter works closely with the Counseling Center to bring awareness to the students about services provided on campus and to spread awareness about substance abuse with our fellow students as well as in the communities GTCC serves. In addition, we enrich our community by assisting the less fortunate, the elderly, and the homeless. Through our efforts, Titan Recovery provides students a way to overcome the social stigma regarding living a life of recovery.

Ernest Lawson
336-334-4822 Ext. 50323

Welcome to Titan Shout!

The Titan Shout was established to create a genuine voice for the student body, with the added promise of extreme care towards the journalistic integrity of its contributing members. Read the latest issue of Titan Shout.

Zac Goldstein 
336-334-4822 Ext. 50134

Rebecca Preston 
336-334-4822 Ext. 50745

Welcome to the GTCC Women Achieving Success (Female Mentoring) Club!

W.A.S. (Women Achieving Success) exists to positively impact the lives of female students by providing adult learning opportunities and support that helps promote character development and enhance academic performance, self-image, and social skills.

Ashley Anderson
336-334-4822 Ext: 50406