DSS Income Maintenance Caseworker

Learn the skills you need to be a better candidate for employment at your local Department of Social Services (DSS)!

North Carolina Families Accessing Services through Technology (NC FAST) is a program designed to improve the way the NC Department of Health and Human Services and county departments of social services do business. NC FAST introduces new technological tools and business processes that will enable workers to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time assisting families.

This NCFast class certificate is a preferred qualification for the DSS income maintenance caseworker jobs available in Guilford and surrounding counties. However in order to be selected as a potential candidate, individuals must meet one of the minimum qualifications listed in the job postings:
(A)Graduation from high-school or equivalency and four years of the below stated experience.
(B) Associates degree and two years’ experience in clerical or other public contact experience which includes negotiating, interviewing, explaining and gathering information, gathering and compiling data, analysis of data and/or performance of mathematical or legal tasks.
(C)Four year degree from an accredited college or university.

Introduction to Human Services: DSS Income Maintenance Caseworker (course 1 of 2)

This course covers skills and strategies designed to provide employability skills training and career exploration for a career as an Income Maintenance Caseworker within the Division of Social Services (DSS). This course is a prerequisite for the Income Maintenance Caseworker course.

This 50-hour training will include:

  • Keyboarding
  • NCFAST System Terminology & Navigation
  • Customer Service
  • Resume & Interviewing
  • And more

Income Maintenance Caseworker – NC FAST (course 2 of 2)

This course is designed to cover a variety of skills associated with the Income Maintenance Caseworker role to determine service eligibility. Specific focus will include proficiency in the utilization of the NCFAST application.

This 48-hour training will include:

  • NCFAST System
  • Communication
  • Interviewing
  • Time Management
  • Data Gathering/Compiling
  • Data Analysis
  • And more

Frequently Asked Questions

no cost - material is provided electrontically

National Career Readiness Certificate
Prep: fee-waiver (no cost if you qualify)
Test: $30-55

registration fee $133*(Students may be eligible for a registration fee waiver)

*There is no course registration fee (fee is waived) for individuals who meet the following criteria:
  • Unemployed
  • Received notification of a pending layoff
  • Working and eligible for the Federal Earned Income Tax Credit (FEIT)
  • Working and earning wages at or below two hundred (200% of the federal poverty guidelines)
registration fee $133 (
no fee waiver for part 2)
Payment for class is due at the time of registration.

Classes meet virtually via Microsoft Teams on Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:00-9:00pm.

A new class starts every couple of months.

Interest List: Email Jennifer Smith at jfsmith@gtcc.edu to add your name to our interest list and receive emails with course dates and registration instructions.


  • Good Computer Skills
  • Communication primarily via email
  • Computer (laptop or desktop with full keyboard)
  • Internet

Yes.  In order to be successful in this training, students need to have good computer skills.
The instructor will provide you with a tutorial for using Microsoft Teams (which is similar to Zoom).

Email Jennifer Smith at jfsmith@gtcc.edu to add your name to our interest list and receive emails with course dates and registration instructions.

Students who successfully complete the DHHS – DSS NC FAST Income Maintenance Caseworker Training will receive Certificates of Completion.

OUTCOME: Students who successfully complete both courses receive certificates of completion which demonstrate competency of specific defined skills based on the IMC position as well as the ACT National Career Readiness Credential (NCRC) they have earned.

These credentials are an advantage to both students and DSS offices in that they reflect consistent learning outcomes and are thus transportable.

While individual DSS offices may have specific local training needs, all offices will know what core competencies a potential hire candidate holds when they present credentials based on the developed training.



  • National Career Readiness Certificate: Bronze or higher
    • Prep: fee-waiver (no cost)
    • Test: $30-54

Fee covers the WorkKeys Assessments (Applied Math, Graphic Literacy, and Workplace Documents).


  • Attendance: at least 75% of course (students cannot miss any more than a total of 12 hours in Part 1)
  • Keyboarding assessment: minimum of 20 wpm
  • DSS & NC FAST Terminology Tests: 80% or higher combined average score
  • NC FAST Case Assessment: 80% or higher score


  • Payment or scholarship of $133 prior to the start of Part 2 class.
  • (NOTE: There is no fee waiver for Part 2.)
  • Attendance: at least 75% of course (students cannot miss any more than a total of 12 hours in Part 2)
  • NC FAST Case Assessment: 80% or higher score



Yes, however if you enter after the 2nd day of class, you will not receive credit for taking the class.  Additionally, time absent will be counted against you; students can only miss 12 hours of class total and pass the class.

The college will make a 100% refund of registration fees if you officially withdraw from class before the first meeting.  Also if the class is canceled or full, GTCC will make a full refund. 
The college will refund 75% of the registration fee (of tuition only) if you officially withdraw from the class on the first day of class or before the class reaches the census date.  The census date varies from class to class.  Non-attendance is not a basis for a refund.