Associate in Science (AS) – Chemistry

Chemistry is the study of the matter and chemical reactions around you. GTCC offers the first two years of chemistry courses for students to gain understanding of the chemistry, and students who want to major or minor in chemistry for a baccalaureate program. Chemistry can serve as an optional core science for students seeking an associate in science (A.S.) or equivalent degree.

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You will need to follow the general enrollment process for GTCC.  During the advising process you will have the opportunity to indicate your desire to study within this curriculum. Your advisor will help you sign up for the specific courses you need.

Shaun Shelton, Instructor

Latifa Chahoua, Instructor

Bruce Wilson, Instructor

Yes, Financial aid is available if you qualify. Please visit the Financial Aid web page or contact the Financial Aid office at 336-334-4822 Option 3.

A chemistry degree can lead to career paths in medicine, pharmacology, agriculture, chemical engineering, forensic science, biotechnology, environmental science, and teaching.

Chemistry is excellent preparation for STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) careers, which include some of the fastest growing and highest paying occupations.

While in high school, you should pursue all the available courses in mathematics, chemistry, biology, and physics.

We strongly recommend that you take Chemistry 131 to develop the necessary skills to be successful in Chemistry 151 and 152. 

All chemistry courses are based on American Chemical Society (ACS) course objectives and should transfer to any four-year institution.

At GTCC, we have small class sizes, and you will receive more personal attention inside and outside of class. In addition, courses at GTCC are more economical.

For CHM-151: DMA 010, DMA 020, DMA 030, DMA 040, DMA 050, DMA 060, DMA 070, DMA 080 (You must have completed all developmental math levels, or you must place/score completely out of all developmental math classes.)